A brief introduction to the hanger rod

- Jul 23, 2018-

Marine landing equipment mainly includes crane (crane) and Derrick (Derrick), the boom is generally divided into light suspenders (SWL less than 10 tons) and heavy lifting rods (more than 10 tons), the derrick is mainly made up of lifting column, hanger device and cargo winch, and the lifting column (which can be said to be mast) is fixed on the deck and cannot move, Similar to the mast of the forecastle, the support seat of the Derrick is on the lower part of the lifting column, and crane The biggest difference is that the rotation and direction of the boom is the need for cable to control, divided into cable, cable, and so on, the operation of the boom is mainly relying on cargo aircraft to adjust the length of the cable to achieve, very troublesome, And there are a lot of angles and rotation limits on the job.

Sometimes it takes two poles to work together, which is why. The so-called safe working load WS, refers to the maximum allowable load that the hook can withstand, including goods, lifting tools (lifting beam, grasping, landing electromagnet, etc.) and the gravity generated by the rigging. In general, when loading and unloading goods, the use of a certain lifting tools, therefore, the safe work load ws=10x9.8 KN, the lifting of the maximum cargo to allow the lifting of the gravity WS is often less than 10x9.8 KN.