After installed a new shock absorber, why makes a creaking sound when driving?

- Jan 12, 2019-

After new shock absorber is installed, it makes a creaking sound when driving.

It perhaps be below reasons.

1. Problem on the installation

It may be caused by the loosening of the mounting nut installed on the upper part and the mounting bolt.

2. improperly numbered installation

If it is not installed with the appropriate number, it will cause an abnormal sound.


1. The installation status (installation order, direction, dropout, etc.) of each component and the confirmation of looseness are tightened based on the specified torque described in the installation instructions. 

2. If the outer casing is damaged or not, it may be installed in the wrong number when it has contact with the car body. After confirming the number again with the corresponding table, please install it according to the correct number.


Even if the upper and lower mountings are appropriate, the stroke and the wrong size of the main body may cause to contact with the vehicle body to make an abnormal sound.

Even if there is no abnormal sound at the initial stage of installation, the looseness of the mounting portion after a certain degree of running may cause an abnormal sound. Moreover, the installation of the bracket components is incomplete (the parts are missing parts, incorrectly installed), etc., which may cause an abnormal sound.

The upper bracket, spring, and shock absorber determine the mounting direction. Please unify the direction of these parts. In particular, please be careful not to cause a deviation between the front end of the original part of the spring and the hole of the spring washer.