Classification of Boom bars

- Jul 23, 2018-

Marine Derrick The maximum static load, usually referred to as a lifting device's safe working load (Safety Working LOAD,S.W.L), is used to indicate the weight of the hoisting equipment in accordance with the "Standard for entry and construction of steel vessels". When loading and unloading goods, the maximum cargo weight which is allowed to be hoisted is less than the safe working load s of the derrick. 

W. L.

Light Lifting Rod: The light derrick is composed of lifting column, lifting rod device and lifting cargo crane three parts. Lifting column (MAST) is one of the main components of the landing equipment, it is the role of the lower part of the column to set up a boom to support the lifting rod rotation and bear the load when the boom. The top of the column is provided with a jack-eye plate seat to withstand the pulling force of the hoisting rod when working. The lifting column (MAST) has many structural forms, and the common ones are single mast lifting column, Gantry crane pillar, herringbone lifting column and V-shaped lifting column. The hanger device is composed of a derrick, a heavy Soso and a landing soso. These rigging can control the placement of the derrick, including the tilt and rotation of the boom rod. Landing machinery is made up of cargo aircraft and its control mechanism, it is the power source of landing equipment.