Design of the Hanging rod device

- Jul 23, 2018-

The main contents of the hanger device design include: The configuration of the Derrick, the configuration of the winch, the determination of the geometrical parameters of the Derrick (the arrangement of the hanger device), the selection of the hanger, the fixed and movable parts and the rigging.

The selection of the Derrick's size, spare parts and rigging is generally checked from the corresponding standard according to the size of the load, and then the strength checking is done if necessary. The configuration of suspenders (the number of suspenders and their safe working load) depends on the type of vessel, tasks and scales, such as the structure of the ship, the type of goods carried, the weight and volume characteristics of the packaged goods, the displacement and load of the ship, the quantity and volume of the cargo hold, the size of the hatch and the condition of the cargo in the cabin. Reasonable hanger rod configuration, should make each cabin required to load and unload time roughly equal.

In addition, the configuration of the Derrick must also take into account the route and terminal facilities, the use of habits. In addition to the use of steam winch in the configuration of winches, modern ships mostly use electric winch. In recent years, the electric hydraulic winch on the ship is also widely used.