Development history of shock absorbers(1)

- May 29, 2020-

Development history of shock absorbers

In 1908, the world's first hydraulic shock absorber was successfully developed

It has a history of more than 100 years since its emergence. The earliest vehicle damping system is composed of springs. It divides the throttle channel made of rubber into two parts with a partition plate. The friction between the oil and the throttle channel is used to achieve shock absorption. purpose. Although the spring can reduce the impact of the road and the performance is more reliable, it is prone to resonance.

In the 1930s, rocker-type shock absorbers were widely used

The working pressure is between 10MPa and 20MPa, but the structure is complex, easily damaged, and bulky, and it is eventually eliminated. After World War II, the simple hydraulic shock absorber replaced the rocker type shock absorber, which has low cost and long life, but it is prone to the problem of untimely oil filling. If the oil filling is not timely, it will affect the shock absorption effect and produce noise and Shock.

Until the 1950s, the emergence of inflatable shock absorbers solved the above problems

Filling the double cylinder with nitrogen at a low pressure of 0.4MPa to 0.6MPa can solve the problem of untimely oil filling. At the same time, the single-cylinder inflatable shock absorber has also begun to develop. It uses a floating piston structure to form a high-pressure gas filled with nitrogen from 2.0MPa to 2.5MPa. Its performance is better than that of the double-cylinder shock absorber. , But its cost is higher.