Fault repair of automobile shock absorber

- Jul 23, 2018-

In the determination of the shock absorber problems or failure, should first look at whether the shock absorber oil leakage or traces of the old oil leakage. OIL SEAL GASKET, SEALING gasket broken damaged, oil storage cylinder head nut loose. may be oil seal, sealing gasket damage failure, should replace the new seals.

  If you still cannot eliminate the oil spill, should pull out the shock absorber, if you feel that there is a hairpin or weight, and then further check the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large, shock absorber piston connecting rod has no bending, piston connecting rod surface and cylinder whether scratches or scratches. If the shock absorber does not have the oil leakage phenomenon, should check the shock absorber connection pin, the connecting rod, the connection hole, the rubber bushing and so on whether has the damage, the welding, the rupture or the fall off place.

  If the above check is normal, the shock absorber should be further decomposed, check piston and cylinder between the clearance is too large, cylinder has no pull, valve seal is good, the valve and seat fitting is tight, as well as the shock absorber is too soft or broken, according to the situation to take the repair or replacement of the method.

  In addition, the shock absorber in the actual use of the noise will appear in the fault, this is mainly due to shock absorbers and leaf springs, frame or shaft collision, rubber pad damage or fall off, as well as shock absorber dust cylinder deformation, oil and other causes, should identify the reasons for repair. The shock absorber should carry on the work performance test on the special test bench after carrying on the inspection repair, when the resistance frequency is 100±1mm, the resistance of its stretching stroke and compression stroke should conform to the stipulation. For example, the maximum resistance of CAl091 is 2156~2646n, the maximum resistance of compression stroke is 392~588n, the maximum resistance of Dongfeng vehicle is 2450~3038n, and the maximum resistance of compression stroke is 490~686n. If there are no test conditions, we can also adopt an empirical approach, that is, with an iron bar into the bottom of the shock absorber ring, with both feet on both ends of the two hands to hold the rings reciprocating pull 2~4 times, when the pull up when the resistance is very large, downward pressure does not feel laborious, and tensile resistance compared to repair before the recovery, no empty sense, It shows that the shock absorber is basically normal