How to check the damage of the shock absorber(1)

- Mar 23, 2019-

Shock absorbers are an important part of an electric car. Whether it works properly affects the riding experience and safety. Here's how to check and repair the electric vehicle shock absorber.


Electric vehicle shock absorbers and automobile shock absorbers belong to the same type of shock absorbers, mainly used to absorb and rebound shocks from the road surface.

The shock absorber is too soft, the electric car will jump up and down, and the shock absorber is too hard, which will bring too much resistance and prevent the spring from working normally. If the shock absorber is damaged, the suspension will not be able to withstand the impact from the road surface, which may cause danger.

Here to teach you how to determine the failure and maintenance of electric vehicle shock absorbers

First, the shock absorber is poorly returned

  1. Check whether the size of the front shock absorber and the wheel train is suitable. If the front fork of the electric vehicle is too large, the corresponding size gasket can be solved; if the size of the front fork of the electric vehicle is too small, the corresponding size is corrected. The improper size of the front fork of the electric vehicle is easy to cause early wear and oil leakage of the oil seal, and even the possibility of reducing the fracture before.

  2. After checking the size of the upper and lower loading axle pins, whether the upper and lower dimensions are “eight” shape, the installation of the serious“eight-character” shape may cause the oil seal to wear early, leak oil, and even cause the shock absorber to break.

  3, the front shock absorber in the case of the relevant assembly size meets the requirements, there is a 20~40mm or so can not fully return, it is a normal situation, which is caused by the weight of the car body.

Second, the shock absorber abnormally

  1. First, check if there are abnormal sounds in other accessories of the electric vehicle. At present, it is not correct for individual users to judge the sound of the shock absorber to be abnormal. As an oil-type shock absorber, there is definitely a return sound.

  2. Before the reduction, the clearance of the valve system is too large, and the resulting metal knocking sound should be judged as abnormal sound.