How to check the damage of the shock absorber(2)

- Mar 23, 2019-

Third, the hard and soft of the shock absorber

  1. The front shock absorption of the electric vehicle is soft. In the after-sales service in some areas, the shock absorber oil is added to solve the problem temporarily. This method is unacceptable, which will cause the internal pressure to be too large, affecting the normal use of the oil seal and causing early oil leakage.

  2. The rear shock absorber of the electric vehicle reflects the softness. The gear position of the rear shock absorber can be adjusted, and the pre-pressure value of the spring is increased, but the two sides must be consistent. Otherwise affecting the balance of the vehicle affects the ride.

  3, the rear shock absorber reflects the hard, first check whether the upper and lower axle pin assembly size is "eight" shape or reduce the interference between the two ends of the mounting lug and the frame, and then eliminate the solution, otherwise it will cause the shock absorber to break.

Fourth, the determination of the oil leakage of the shock absorber

  After parking, press 3-5 times to observe the shock absorber. The oil will squat down on the front fork pipe or the rear reduction link, and the dust cover will be removed before the oil seal. The oil seal end face has oil, which is judged to be oil leakage. The oil seal can be replaced, and the installation direction and installation precautions of the oil seal should be paid attention to.