Shock absorber technical requirements (2)

- Feb 28, 2019-

Shock absorber technical requirements

4.6 Temperature characteristics of the damper: The damper damping force value should meet the standard requirements.

4.7 Durability of the damper

4.7.1 In the durability test, the shock absorber shall not have oil leakage failure, and the connection part shall not have the phenomenon of open welding and affecting the use;

4.7.2 When the test speed is 0.3m/s or 0.39m/s, the rate of change of the damping force of the damper shall comply with the standard.

4.8 Cleanliness: Cleanliness limits and measurement methods are performed in accordance with QC/T546-1999.

4.9 Static tensile test: Apply tensile load to the mounting part at both ends of the damper. After 5 minutes, check the deformation shape. The deformation should not exceed 2.0 mm, but the deformation does not include the deformation of the end mounting part. .

4.10 Welding strength: The welded joints at both ends of the damper are placed under load, and the deep joints of other parts are not cracked.

4.11 air tightness requirements

4.11.1 Hydraulic products shall not leak within 3 seconds after 0.8MPQ withstand voltage test;

4.11.2 Oil and gas mixing, no leakage within 3 seconds after 1.2MPQ withstand voltage test;

4.12 After the 300-hour salt spray test, the painted parts have no rust;