The future of shock absorbers(2)

- Jun 06, 2020-

The future of shock absorbers

With the rapid development of technological level and economic level, people's requirements for automobiles are becoming higher and higher. Auto parts manufacturing enterprises are becoming a global trend after they are separated from vehicle manufacturers and form specialized parts groups. Many foreign shock absorber manufacturers design special research institutions, through the research and improvement of new products, new materials and new processes, and manufacture a large number of new shock absorber products and put them on the market. Ordinary shock absorbers will be replaced by shock absorber assemblies that are easy to install and have better performance.

A variety of shock absorber technologies are emerging, mainly focused on controlling changes in orifice flow:

(1) Manually adjust the orifice flow with various flow valves, so that the driver can realize three-level adjustment of comfortable working conditions, medium working conditions, and sports working conditions according to road conditions, and later developed to divide the damping into more levels. This can expand the range of choices. But this will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the safety of manipulation;

(2) Use some auxiliary parts to adjust the number of throttle holes, such as making a series of radial throttle holes on the hollow piston rod, and then add auxiliary sleeves or rotating sleeve rods outside or inside the piston rod to reduce vibration During the stroke of the valve, the number of orifices that function as throttle dampers is changed, thereby automatically adjusting the magnitude of the damping force.