What are the types of common car shock absorbers? What are the characteristics?(1)

- Apr 20, 2019-

What are the types of common car shock absorbers? What are the characteristics?

1, according to the angle of damping material

Hydraulic type:

Hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in automotive suspension systems. The principle is that when the frame and the axle are reciprocating relative movement, when the piston reciprocates in the cylinder of the damper, the oil in the damper housing repeatedly flows from the inner cavity through some narrow pores into the other An internal cavity. At this time, the friction between the liquid and the inner wall and the internal friction of the liquid molecules form a damping force against the vibration.

Hydraulic shock absorber features:

(1) The damping oil has a low boiling point and is sensitive to high temperature;

(2) daily driving use;

(3) Emphasize driving comfort;

(4) Urban use, suitable for short-distance driving;


Pneumatic(gas) type:

Pneumatic shock absorbers are a new type of shock absorber developed since the 1960s. The structural feature is that a floating piston is arranged in the lower part of the cylinder, and a closed air chamber formed at one end of the floating piston and the cylinder is filled with high-pressure nitrogen gas. The floating piston is fitted with a large cross-section O-ring that completely separates the oil and gas. The working piston is provided with a compression valve and an extension valve that change the cross-sectional area of the passage according to the speed of movement. When the wheel jumps up and down, the working piston of the damper reciprocates in the oil, causing a difference in oil pressure between the upper chamber and the lower chamber of the working piston, and the pressure oil pushes the compression valve and the extension valve to flow back and forth. Since the valve generates a large damping force to the pressure oil, the vibration is attenuated.

Pneumatic shock absorber features:

(1) High pressure air is not sensitive to temperature;

(2) Suitable for sports and competition driving;

(3) The road feels clear and the handling feels good;

(4) Suitable for long distance driving;