what happens to the shock absorber on the car

- Dec 04, 2019-

What happens to the shock absorber on the car? The conditions that arise can be divided into three types:

(1) Motion sickness, because the shock absorber does not work, it does not play the role of shock absorption, the car is bumpy, the body is unstable and shaking up and down, which may cause the car to be sick.

(2) Safety reduction, shock absorber failure, car bumps, the spring will have extra vibration, the car will shake up and down, so that the car tires can not be close to the ground, it is prone to danger when braking or changing lanes.

(3) Poor handling, when the road is bumpy, the car is less controllable and prone to danger. Once the shock absorber is found to be ineffective, there is no solution. Driving can be slower and ensuring safety is paramount.

The car shock absorber can be said to provide a comfortable driving environment for the car owners. The car will bump the vibration when driving. The shock absorber can absorb some of the vibration to bring the force, reduce the large vibration of the car body, and make the car driver comfortable. Safety.

Most of the cars are now barrel dampers. Once the car dampers are not working, they will increase safety hazards . Although they can drive, the risk factor is still there.