What is the impact of the shock absorber on the car

- Dec 08, 2019-

What is the impact of the shock absorber on the car?

When a damper is damaged, the corresponding wheel is equivalent to no damper or damper is too soft, so the body's damping effect will be greatly reduced, the most obvious performance is when the bumpy road or speed bump The wheel made a "beep" sound.

At the same time, the adhesion between the wheel and the ground is reduced. When encountering bumpy road conditions or when cornering, the wheel will leave the ground and the car has a risk of losing control. Therefore, after the shock absorber leaks, the speed of the car should be reduced. , especially the speed when cornering; there is also the increase in the roll of the car when the car is cornering, and the side slip when it is severe.

Extended information:

The main function of the car damper is to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds after shock absorption and the impact from the road surface. While the car passes through uneven roads, although the shock absorber spring can filter the vibration of the road surface, the spring itself will have a reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump. Therefore, the damper is damping the spring, not the body.

In addition, when replacing the damper, the dampers of the two wheels on the coaxial are generally replaced at the same time. Otherwise, the damping effects of the two dampers are different, which will result in inconsistent steering feelings on the left and right sides of the car, and the roll of the body is also inconsistent, which not only affects the comfort of the ride, but also affects the handling of the car and causes the car to It is difficult to control when changing lanes, overtaking, and cornering at high speeds, increasing the risk of driving.

So, don't save money, just change the damaged damper. In addition, when the damper is replaced, the parts related to the wheel alignment are removed, so a four-wheel alignment is required to prevent the wheel from being misaligned.