What types of common car shock absorbers there are? and what technical features they have? ---01

- Sep 01, 2018-

The single-tube suspension has been shown to be a single-tube design with a high-pressure nitrogen storage tank at the lower end of the shock absorber. Walking down is a floating piston that is used to isolate the damping oil from high pressure nitrogen. Then, walking up is working cylinder and the piston, Since the piston of the single cylinder structure is relatively large, a large damping force can be generated. During the compression stroke, a pressure is generated below the piston to allow oil to flow over the piston valve through the piston valve, and the high pressure nitrogen at the bottom acts as a buffer, and the extension process is reversed.


The advantages of this type of suspension: simple structure; large piston area, large flow of damping oil in unit of time, can eliminate large instantaneous pressure, and rapid response; single cylinder design has large oil storage capacity, good heat dissipation effect, and effectively reduces the negative effects of damping oil blistering and damping thermal decay.


Disadvantages: the oil chamber and the air chamber are arranged in an in-line configuration, and the stroke is limited; the oil seal is directly stressed by the pressure of the upper chamber of the piston due to the action, and the high pressure resistance is required, special attention must be paid to the high precision and delicateness of the processing; Since the piston has a direct contact relationship with the shock absorber body, the shock absorber is easily scrapped due to slight damage of the outer body of the cylinder, the piston rod has a small diameter and is not subjected to a suspension structure with excessive lateral force. (The inverted-type single-tube shock absorber can be transferred to the suspension by the center of gravity, which can reduce the influence of the lateral force to some extent. However, due to the design of the structure itself, it is still impossible to completely improve the damage caused by the barrel but happen the consequences of scrapped for the shock absorber.)