when to change the shock absorber for your car

- Aug 25, 2018-

Generally speaking, the shock absorber has sound, too hard, too soft and oil leakage, should be considered for replacement. However, when discovering the above problems, do not prematurely judge the replacement of the damper. If there is a sound, you need to check whether it is installed correctly. If it is too hard or too soft, check if there is any problem with the spring and the fixed connection damper. If oil leakage, needs to check whether the cylinder cover is fastened or not.

If all above questions are excluded, and if you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, replace the shock absorber.

1. Are you still using the original shock absorber?

Although it varies depending on the driving method and driving location, it is necessary to replace the shock absorber after driving for 20,000 kilometers. Of course, due to the influence of different factors such as load capacity, use time, road conditions and driving methods, the shock absorbers will also be attenuated to varying degrees.

2. Does the tire have regular wear?

If the tire surface has signs of uneven wear, it means that the shock absorber is worn off.

3 Is the shock absorber leaking?

General worn off can affect the sealing of the shock absorber. When worn off, liquid will leak out of the shock absorber.

4 Does the car suspension touch with the floor? When the car drives past a bad road, railway track or other bumps, if the suspension touch the floor, the shock absorber should be replaced.

As a simple test method, you can use your foot to step on the bumper and swing the car several times. If the car is vibrating after the foot released from the bumper, the shock absorber should be replaced.

5 Can I replace only one shock absorber?

When replacing the damper, it is best to change two at one time. If there is problem with one front or rear damper, you need to replace 2pcs front or 2pcs rear dampers together, because when you change one, the car balance is affected. Uneven force will cause the shock absorber to be different, which will raise the shock absorber problem!