How To Repair The Shock Absorber?

- May 11, 2019-

We always pay attention to the surface of the car, but it is easy to ignore some hidden places, such as car shock absorbers, don't look at the four shock absorbers hidden by the car wheels, it feels it is not important, in fact it is related to you Comfortable ride.

When you feel very bumpy, abnormal, and uncomfortable when riding a car, there may be a problem with the shock absorber. Don’t wait until it is completely broken. The shock absorber is a fragile accessory in the car. The aim is to keep the tires close to the road in order to operate the vehicle. The quality of its work will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. If the shock absorber does not meet the standard of use, it will affect the brakes, cause tire wear and other problems, and seriously cause the car to malfunction. This is very dangerous.

Tips: Do a professional shock absorber inspection every 30,000 kilometers. For your driving safety, if you find that the shock absorber is faulty, please replace the shock absorber.

In addition, the shock absorber will have a sounding fault in actual use, mainly due to the shock absorber colliding with the leaf spring, the frame or the shaft, the rubber pad is damaged or dropped, and the shock absorber dust cylinder is deformed, the oil If it is caused by insufficient reasons, etc., the cause should be identified and repaired.