Inflatable Type Shock Absorber

- Jul 23, 2018-

Inflatable Shock Absorber is a new type of shock absorber developed since the 60 's. The structure is characterized in that a floating piston is arranged in the lower part of the cylinder barrel, and the high-pressure nitrogen is filled in a closed gas chamber formed at one end of the floating piston and the cylinder barrel. A large-section O-ring is mounted on the floating piston, which separates the oil and gas completely.

The working piston is fitted with a compression valve and an extension valve that changes the section area of the channel with the speed of its movement. When the wheel up and down, the work of the shock absorber piston in the oil-liquid species do reciprocating movement, so that the work of the piston between the upper and lower chambers of the oil pressure difference between the press pushes away the compression valve and valve and flow back and forth.

Because the valve to the pressure oil produced a large damping force, so that vibration attenuation.