Installation Method Of Automobile Shock Absorber

- Jul 23, 2018-

Barrel Type Shock Absorber installation:

1. The installation process shall not be used metal weights percussion shock absorber cylinder surface, hard to flip shock absorber external welding dust cover.

2. Use the Taper rubber cushion vibration Absorber, the application of the plate will be the rings at both ends of the inner hole assembled taper rubber cushion section pressure.

3. The installation process shall not damage the shock absorber fitted with rubber parts surface (such as buffer set combination, etc.)

4. Shock absorber installation should be in accordance with the requirements of the whole vehicle torque required to screw the connection part of the thread, to ensure that the connection is firmly and reliably, no loosening, and should be coated in the fastening paint.

Before and after the core installation:

1. Before and after the shock absorber (core) refers to the loading of the need for a separate installation of Spiral Spring, spring seat, pressure pad, bearings, and other structural parts products

2. Shock absorber in the replacement of the installation should be inspected as follows the quality of the external structure: flexible bearings, pressure pad inside the surface without cracking and breakage phenomenon, spiral spring does not exist fatigue, attenuation phenomenon, damping rubber should have no permanent deformation, aging, breakage phenomenon.

3. The assembly process shall not be used with any hard object tapping, clamping, friction rod surface to avoid oil spills.

4. Assembly thread locking torque requirements are as follows:

M10 thread vice: tightening torque 28±3nm;

M12 thread vice: tightening torque 49±5nm;

M14 thread vice: tightening torque 80±8nm;

5. Complete inspection after assembly is completed.