Shock Absorber Market Trends And Development Momentum

- Mar 09, 2019-

In 2016, with the gradual development of China's manufacturing industry, shock absorbers are an important supply chain for many domestic industries. The pressure not only comes from the fierce competition in the domestic market, but also faces the challenges of foreign markets. In such a fiercely competitive market environment, how shock absorber manufacturers turn pressure into development momentum is a topic that the industry must seriously consider.

China's shock absorber market is still dominated by low-end products. High-end, high-precision, high-strength shock absorbers still need to be imported. The ratio of product import price to export unit price is more than double, with the United States, Japan and South Korea. The gap in Taiwan is large, and there is a lack of digitalization of products, design, manufacturing and management, and greening of products and manufacturing processes from technical services to solving mechanical fastening solutions. In the future development, shock absorber enterprises should pay close attention to the domestic and international economic situation and policy trends, adjust market structure and marketing strategies in a timely manner, create brand effects, increase product added value, increase research and development efforts, and improve management level. Improve the efficiency through automated production, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and actively carry out the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The domestic and international environment for the year is not only a strategic opportunity period for China's shock absorber industry, but also a strategic challenge period.

Technological innovation is the core content of enterprise innovation activities. It provides necessary support and guarantee for organization implementation and process management. More and more companies recognize its importance. For example, the world's largest multinational corporations invest billions of dollars each year, mainly to support their own innovative research and development institutions and team innovation practices, so that enterprises maintain strong innovation and vitality, and become a winner in the international market competition. Fuzhou Faraday shock absorbers have strong technical support to provide customers with quality services.