The Performance Of New And Old Shock Absorbers Varies Greatly

- Jun 06, 2020-

The performance of new and old shock absorbers varies greatly

The quality of the new shock absorber depends on the quality. Under the condition of ensuring the airtightness is intact, the air pressure shock absorber core can rebound when compressed, the shock absorption buffer performance is good, and the comfort for the driver and the passenger is good, not easy Bumps. The shock absorbers produced from our company pay much attention to this point, but also to make a good reputation and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

The old shock absorber has a lot of dust and sand after use, and the air tightness is not guaranteed, resulting in no rebound after compression, almost losing the performance of the shock absorber, once the road conditions are not good, it is easy to drive The passengers were uncomfortable, and even motion sickness occurred.

Therefore, the car shock absorber must be regularly maintained and replaced in order to protect the car and at the same time make the driver and passengers comfortable and comfortable during the journey.