Under What Circumstances Does The Car Need To Replace The Shock Absorber?

- May 18, 2019-

Under what circumstances does the car need to replace the shock absorber? Generally speaking, the shock absorber has sound, hard, soft, and oil leakage.


The owners of the car owners should make the shock absorbers in good working condition during the driving process of the car and replace the shock absorbers in time. Several methods are recommended for you to verify that the shock absorber is working well.

1. Let the car stop after driving for 10 km on the road with poor road conditions, and touch the shock absorber shell by hand. If the outer casing is hot, the oil inside the shock absorber is lacking, and sufficient oil should be added. Otherwise, the shock absorber should be explained. Not working properly.

2. Press the bumper firmly and release it. If the car does not jump more than 1~2 times, the shock absorber works well. If the car is shaking, you need to replace the shock absorber.

3. When the car is driving slowly and braking urgently, if the car vibration is severe, it indicates that the shock absorber has a problem.


4. Remove the shock absorber and pull the shock absorber lever several times. At this time, there should be stable resistance. The resistance to the upward pull recovery should be greater than the resistance when the pressure is downward. If the resistance is stable or no resistance, it may be reduced. If the inside of the shocker is short of oil or the valve parts are damaged, repair or replace the parts.


5. The tire is irregularly worn. If the tire has signs of uneven wear, the shock absorber needs to be replaced.

6, the car suspension contact in the end, when the car through the bad road, railway track or other protrusions hanging contact to the end, you need to replace the shock absorber.

7, the car is not good to drive, when the car is easy to run off or jump, and the phenomenon of mismanagement, you need to replace the shock absorber. Generally, the following situations occur:

Unstable start: When the car starts or brakes, the car body is bumped up and down, and the car feels unstable.

Turning failure: The tilting speed is faster when turning, and the steering wheel has a tendency to malfunction.

The brakes are not working: the brakes are braked forward and the braking distance is longer.

8. The shock absorber leaks oil, and the shock absorber will wear out during use. The long-term use will cause the liquid to leak out of the shock absorber. At this time, the shock absorber needs to be replaced.