Hyundai Santa Shock Absorber Strut

The majority of shocks are made from strong, thick steel, reinforced with a chrome or zinc coating.

Product Details

Benefits of Shock Absorbers

· Improved ride. The best set of shock absorbers will improve the ride of your car. This is achieved by increasing the amount of shock each one absorbs when your car hits a bump or hole. High-quality shocks will decrease the amount of force and bounce you feel while driving.

· Increased comfort. You will bounce up and down or get slightly jostled every now and then when you’re driving. The best shock absorbers will lessen the amount of movement you feel inside the car. You won’t shake around with each bump and divet you encounter. This also means you don’t feel as much impact on your body; the less wear and tear you take, the more comfortable you will feel after a long journey.

· Increased safety: Your car’s suspension system is an essential part of your vehicle. It keeps your car on the road by adding stability to your steering wheel. As shock absorbers wear down, they can impact the steering and the ability to control the car properly.



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