(Mn101958 Mn184083 Kyb334369) Gas Shock Absorber for Mitsubishi

(Mn101958 Mn184083 Kyb334369) Gas Shock Absorber for Mitsubishi

Car Model: GM Buick Encore
Condition: Brand New
Car Year: 2013-
OE Number: 95276607, 13279325, 95276606, 13279326

Product Details

Every customer's satisfaction with the use of Twin Tube Hydraulic Shock Absorber, Shock Absorber And Suspension, Front Shock Absorber will bring us a great sense of achievement. We look forward to establishing good and long-term business relationships with you. Only when we stimulate each other, discuss and share in our work, and continuously apply new concepts, new ideas, and new methods to actual work, can we create higher customer satisfaction and achieve greater corporate benefits. If the customer provides their own designs, We will guarantee that they will be the only one can have that products. We introduce high efficiency equipment and adopt advanced management methods to keep the product quality stable and improve the production efficiency continuously.

Product Feature

When relative movement occurs between the frame, the piston of our Oil Filled Shock Absorbers moves up and down, and the oil in the shock absorber cavity repeatedly passes from one cavity. On the other hand, the black appearance looks nice and beautiful.

Product Description

The important vibration damping components on suspension of our Oil Filled Shock Absorbers are to achieve the purpose of vibration damping by the hydraulic damping force of the reciprocating movement. It has a good vibration damping effect and a flexible vibration damping effect, with high and reliable performance, and there is no special need of maintaining. 

95276607 95276606 buick encore front,oil filled shock absorbers (3)(001).jpg

Will it increase oil consumption by the damaged vehicle shocks and struts? The oil filled shocks can buffer the height movement of vehicle’s gravitational center to the utmost extend, to save energy, reduce wind resistance and alleviate the strike to tire caused by the change of vehicle’s gravitational center. It makes significance to alleviate the strike and reduce the resistance.

95276607 95276606 buick encore front,oil filled shock absorbers (5)(001).jpg

OEM number for Buick Encore rear damper is 95276347

Our unwavering dedication to the highest quality materials and standards ensures the (Mn101958 Mn184083 Kyb334369) Gas Shock Absorber for Mitsubishi will not only be a pleasure to use but also be extremely durable. Our advanced equipment, excellent quality management, research and development ability make our price down. After a long period of hard work, our company now has a high-quality management team, product design team, and high-level skilled workers.
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