Air Suspension OEM Rnb501580 Lr018398 Air Strut for Discovery 3 Front Air Bag Shock Absorber

Air Suspension OEM Rnb501580 Lr018398 Air Strut for Discovery 3 Front Air Bag Shock Absorber

The shock absorber adopts light structure technology of new materials, such as aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy, and adopts new resistance seam welding equipment to complete the welding between shock absorber parts.

Product Details

We will continue to meet the different needs of customers, with Complete Shock And Strut Assembly, Shocks And Struts For Baojun 730, Shock Strut Assembly specifications, standards to ensure product quality. We rely on high-quality materials, perfect design, excellent customer service and the competitive price to win the trust of many customers at home and abroad. We always take protecting the environment and guarding the future as our own responsibility.

E60 Front shock strut for BMW 5 series

In the development of the new generation of automobile, automobile manufacturers put forward higher requirements on the spring damping module and active damping system.

Although new types of shock absorbers have been introduced, the traditional shock absorbers still have great potential in the future automobile manufacturing.

Details of the strut E60

宝马5系 E60前减 铝筒 (5)

When starting, attenuate vibration, more comfortable

宝马5系 E60前减 铝筒 (3)

When Steering and decelerating, the vehicle body is controlled stably, more robustly

宝马5系 E60前减 铝筒 (2)

When Brake, effectively stabilize the body, more safety





If Shock absorbers are faulty, not be timely detected and replaced, what kind of harm to vehicle or traffic safety will be caused?

Faulty shock absorbers will lead to insufficient grip of tires in the driving process of vehicles, reduce vehicle handling and cornering stability, and increase the braking distance of vehicles, which will not only affect ride comfort, but also affect driving safety, and may lead to serious vehicle accidents.

What should be paid attention to when using shock absorbers in daily life?

1. Check frequently whether the relevant parts around the shock absorber are normal, such as dust cover, buffer block, vibration isolation block, etc. If damage or aging is found, replace it in time.

2. When cleaning vehicles, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of shock absorbers.

3. When driving on uneven roads, slow down as much as possible to reduce the impact on shock absorbers

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