Professional Supply for Mercedes Benz Volvo Front Rear Shock Absorber of A6023200531 A6023200831 6013200831 1163200330

Professional Supply for Mercedes Benz Volvo Front Rear Shock Absorber of A6023200531 A6023200831 6013200831 1163200330

HVP Shock absorber strut can play a better braking effect, shorten the braking distance, and can play a higher product performance.

Product Details

'Based on domestic market and expand overseas business' is our progress strategy for Shock Absorber And Suspension, 2904100-K01 Shock Absorbers, Absorber For Car. Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence, ideals and passion. We will take 'creating a century-old enterprise and building a century-old brand' as our mission, with a spirit of perseverance, we will continue to build an excellent enterprise and forge ahead! Our company pays great attention to the goals and results, and vigorously promotes a performance culture, hoping to motivate employees to contribute to the company's development.

Shock absorbers prevent collision between the car body and the suspension.After the spring is compressed, the spring separates the axle from the body with its spring force.At the same time, the shock absorber suppresses and reduces the vibration generated between the axle and the body.

Normal shock absorber function

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Driving safety

When driving on normal road surface, wheel grounding is good, will not appear abnormal jump

The car is not easy to sideslip when braking

No steering loss due to poor tracking performance during corners

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Ride comfort

When the road is not normal, the car body will not vibrate violently and continuously

During acceleration, the vehicle is effectively restrained from leaning back

During braking, the vehicle is effectively restrained from tilting forward

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Fine workmanship

Originality process

Comprehensive protection

Integrated Laser welding, damping design, shock absorption, sealing and filtering, throttling, eliminating abnormal noise.

Laser welding, casting process

A wide range of suspension parts for options

Advanced equipment and professional staffs

Fast delivery, Prompt response, High quality


Our Services

A: excellent service.
Has been providing customers with quality products and quality customer service.
B: delivery service.
We are committed to providing the fastest turnaround time to ensure you have plenty of time
C: price service.
We have been trying to find the best way to reduce the production cost and pass on the saved cost to you!
D: brand awareness service.
The goal of any strong brand is to achieve a certain degree of popularity and instill quality and value concepts into all
potential customers.
E: customer service.
Email or text your suggestions or complaints and we will deal with them within 6 hours.
F: wrong delivery service.
Our domestic customers will be reshipped within 15 days, and foreign customers will be reshipped in the next batch.
G: Customized service.
Buyers can provide samples and logo customization.


Through the unremitting efforts of all employees, we continue to improve quality management to ensure that our Professional Supply for Mercedes Benz Volvo Front Rear Shock Absorber of A6023200531 A6023200831 6013200831 1163200330 will always be a product trusted by customers. We hope to cooperate with a lot more close friends from all over the world. Last but not least, price of our products are very suitable and have fairly high competition with other companies.
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