Gas Shock Absorber For Accent

It’s essential that you get a set of shock absorbers that stand up to the worst bumps.

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Gas shocks are designed with nitrogen gas inside of them. These are more equipped to fit smaller cars and can take a beating from the road’s hardest and most severe bumps. Generally, you’ll find newer cars are fitted with gas shocks.



What do bad shocks sound like?

One of the telltale signs of a suspension system that requires service is unusual noise. As shocks and bushings wear, they lose their ability to properly support the strut. ... When the strut bottoms out, the metal-to-metal contact can cause a knocking sound that emanates from the front or rear wheels.

What can bad shocks do to a car?

Since a car's shocks are responsible for controlling the impact and vibration of a vehicle's springs and suspension, worn ones won't be able to soften the blows of the road. A rattlin' ride is not only uncomfortable—it can put undue pressure on other parts of the car and could soon lead to more than shock troubles.

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